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Rubian Company offers complete weekly service due to effective collaboration with major container lines operating on the globe (China, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Iran, Iraq, Europe, Africa, North and South America, Canada).
Whether the import, export or transit or rail car we offer the most efficient and profitable solutions. Our specialized staff will give advice on drafting documents, customs clearance, loading, unloading, container release.
Also our clients can track cargo route and location through an efficient location so be aware of all the information at any time.

In maritime transport Rubian Company has the capacity and experience to take over any type of cargo: bulk packed in bags, equipment, oversized pieces, rolling stock.

Services offered:
Domestic and international transport
Storage Brokerage
Assistance / agenturare tankers
Control quantity / quality
Operations loading / unloading, advice, representation before the port authorities (Customs, Captain, port operators)
All types of survey: Ship / Tanker Survey, Damage Survey, Draft Survey, Survey Damages, Stowage Survey, pre-loading Cargo Survey, Collision Survey, Hold Cleanliness Survey
Chemical and microbiological analysis of goods

We connect all major ports in the world with or without touching the Romanian territory.

Over time we have made numerous expeditions of the Constanta port destiantii worldwide such as the Caspian Sea, Red Sea, Gulf and other problem areas. We are always aware of 24/24 hours with each movement of goods are in our custody.

Our specialization is "project cargo" and the past 13 years we reached a large geographical area from the Far East - China, Vietnam, Philippines, India, the Gulf - Iran, Iraq, Syria, former CIS countries - Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Africa, Libya, Europe - Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, USA. Between 2002 - 2003 we organized some transport of oil rigs in the Gulf, in the UN Oil for Food program and therefore we have established very good relationships with partners in this area as being able to go to finish complex multimodal transport: Constanta - Aqaba, Umm Quasr, Jebel Ali - the boat transhipment Bashra trucks to their final destination, Kirkuk.

In addition to shipping services Rubian Company can offer services on the Danube barge transport for any type of cargo: bulk, equipment, chemicals and oil. Inland waterways is a growing and will see an important development and represents a segment of the Danube river transport in Europe. Thus logistics area will experience a large expansion.

Although we often encountered Weak Romanian river ports have always managed to go all the way all our operations to customer satisfaction.


Rubian Operating Company provides these services in Constanta Port, but port to other ports in Romania and living abroad with:
Download driver / car from ground and / or deposit
Storage in open or covered storage
Security and protection of goods in transit
Unloading / loading the boat with specialized cranes
Cargo lashing the auto / car / boat
All types of survey sites for freight
All transport operations are successful through good cooperation with the Bureau of Customs. Our department is able to meet any operational customs formalities whether import / export and transit cargo to complete delivery by the recipient in the shortest time to avoid penalties and delays.

Our experts can solve any problems documented, always offering the most convenient legal solutions but try to avoid problems offering advice to our clients in preparing documents both in the commercial, customs and transportation

In terms of rail transport comany Rubian team has extensive experience in organizing national and international transport to any destination in Europe and Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan.), Knowing very well reglmentarile CIM and SMGS.

While we have developed very close ties with several operators and so we can organize expeditions to a variety of railway goods (bulk, packages, equipment, oversized cargo, containers, oil products and chemicals) in the best conditions of safety.

All goods entrusted to us can be provided upon request 110% all-risk your best market rates.

Rubian comany offers quick service and efficient air transportation to any destination in the world.

Since the acquisition of goods, preparing documentation, packaging of corresponding flight, notifying the recipient of the goods at arrival and delivery to it can cover every link of the chain.