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Loader - wind and freight

Loader - wind and freight, road Romania Rubian Company is a privately owned company founded in 1996 exclusively.

Passion for cars, ambition and perseverance made ​​us a reliable partner on the road loader market in Romania. We started out with maintenance and auto repair and later to develop and the loader.

Since 2002 we established a new department loader, road freight and wind. As pioneers in the transport of goods, we have grown every year and became an important and reliable carrier. We recommend this safe, quality, flexibility, reliability, dynamism and performance of services, qualifications of our staff and modern trucks and trailers in our fleet.

Our company has all necessary permits a loader, and our staff is qualified and authorized by all appropriate bodies in Romania: Ministry of Transport by CNADNR and A.R.R. loader to perform and tours with special escorts.

Based on a transport service planning, consists of a team of coordinators, experienced managers and professionals, disposing a computer application performance, especially designed for transport logistics, transport managers talk to your customers and your suppliers in all international languages​​.

To provide our customers with complete services, and provide escort assistance for specialized cable networks Undercrossing route, removing / installing road signs portals when gauge height require this intervention. In addition to customer, we ask our partners crane for loading / unloading.


transport agabaritic
A variety of oversized vehicles is available in Rubian Company's fleet...


transporturi agabaritice
For traffic safety and road users, we offer our clients, tours with special escorts for any civil loader